What is AAPROS and who will benefit from a membership?


AAPROS is the American Alliance of Party Rental Operators and Suppliers. It is trade organization for the party rental industry.


Who is AAPROS for?


AAPROS is for party rental operators and suppliers. Experienced members and mentors to network and new businesses eager to learn and make the industry better by dedicating themselves to continually learning and evolving and suppliers who are also dedicated to this industry and who have quality products.




Even the most experienced and best qualified business owners are continually learning and working to improve and gain more knowledge and experience. No matter if you are brand new to this industry or an expert, AAPROS is for you.

Together we create a group of people who truly want this industry to thrive. Who want to see others succeed and who are dedicated to safety and continually striving to become better as a whole.


How can we make a difference?


Mark has 30 plus years experience in this industry and l have 5 years in the field and in the party rental insurance industry. We are here to help you succeed any way we can. We have a wide range of knowledge to share. Mentors and experienced operators can offer their expertise, share stories and experiences and new business owners can grow as they learn from others.


AAPROS members who are mentors and leaders in this industry give a tremendous amount of information and knowledge. We encourage new and upcoming business owners to follow them and support them by watching their channels and following them on social media, and learn from them. As we build each other up and show support by helping each other we are doing a great service to the industry.

We will share expertise and knowledge with the industry, we will continue to find mentors and leaders that want to see others succeed. We donate our time and efforts to helping others with direction and motivation.


What is Heartbeat chat?


Through Heartbeat, you’ll be able to communicate and engage with other members of our community as well as our team.

Experienced operators can offer their expertise, share stories and experiences. New business owners can grow as they learn from others and gain new mentors, while networking with suppliers and other business owners.

Our members will soon get an email with the login instructions to heartbeat chat.


What is the membership portal and when will it be ready to use?


The membership portal is currently under construction and will be finished soon.

There you will find the latest blogs, news and more.